If you are an English small-bore or air rifle/pistol shooter, please support English Shooting by joining the ESSU.
Our Membership year commences on 1st February.  Current fees are £25.00 per annum.

Why become a Member?

  • To be eligible to represent England at:
    • Commonwealth Games or Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships. (British Citizenship or Subject is also required for these Championships).
    • Home Countries International matches organised by the NSRA: Bisley, Scotland, British 50m and Airgun Championships
    • Other international matches outside of the UK: InterShoot Holland; RIAC Luxemburg; ISCH Hanover, etc.
  • To shoot for the ESSU at annual matches against the Combined Services, Police and Army
  • To be eligible for Team England National Squad (TENS), and our Rifle and Pistol Academies
  • To be eligible for the 'English Champion' titles held concurrently with our annual ESSU Open Championships
  • To receive and E-mail notices and reminders.
  • To receive instant notifications and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Access to the Members-only area of this website on which you can update your contact details.
  • To check that your membership is current by viewing the 'Members' list in the secure area of this website.

BUT IMPORTANTLY: To support Enland Teams and the development of our junior athletes
Apart from Membership fees, profit on the Championships and sale of merchandise, our only income is from Commonwealth Games England.  This is received only during the pre-Commonwealth Games period and is specifically targeted at selected athletes to aid their preparation, so we need your support to enable us to fund our other objectives.

The bulk of our communication with our membership is via E-Mail and this website.
Application and renewal forms can be completed on-line, and fees can be paid by E-Banking for convenience and to save postage costs.
Of course you can send cheques and forms by snail-mail if you prefer.

Membership Eligibility:

  • Birth or
  • Parental descent or
  • Residence in England for a minimum of 5 years






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