What is TENS?

TENS is a selection of our elite athletes in the Rifle and Pistol events who have achieved a Minimum Consideration Score (MCS) in at least two separate Nominated Meetings during the selection year.  Selection is for a period of one year, ending on 31st August.   Athletes selected for the current year will be personally notified and their names published on this website in early January.   There is no maximum number of TENS members in each year, but if the overall number in a specific event is considered to be excessive then selection will be based on the highest average ranking of scores achieved at Nominated Meetings.  All ESSU Members are eligible for TENS selection provide that they comply with the following requirements:

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How do I get into TENS?

Selection for TENS for the current year is based on scores achieved at Nominated Meetings and other appropriate International Competitions during the preceding year.  For full details, see the TENS selection process.

ESSU members who wish to be considered for TENS selection for next year must submit a Notice of Intent before taking part in the first Nominated Meeting of this year, and by July 1st at the latest.  Prior notification is essential to be included on the Nominated Meeting Scores spreadsheets.  To do this, complete the on-line form or send an e-mail to the TENS Performance Manager - Martyn Buttery

TENS does not include Target Rifle (full-bore), Shotgun or Centre-Fire pistol disciplines, each of which have their own Squads and selection procedures.


What is the purpose of being in TENS?

  1. Selection marks an achievement and acknowledgement that an athlete has reached an elite standard of performance that is worthy of representing England at an International level.
  2. TENS members may enter international championships and competitions representing England, and wear official  England Shooting Team clothing.
  3. Scores achieved at recognised international competitions fired under full ISSF Rules will be counted for ranking purposes. Participation must be approved by the Performance Manager in advance.
  4. When selection is being considered for teams to represent England, TENS members are automatically considered for inclusion if they are available.
    Notes:  Where the total number of Team members is restricted because of specific championship rules, as in the Commonwealth Games, other determining factors will be considered such as higher average scores, selection shoots, past medal-winning performances or the ability to compete in multiple-events.  Members must meet the CGF eligibility requirements in order to be included in the England Commonwealth Games Team.  I.e. hold British citizenship.
    TENS members selected for one event or discipline does not confer an automatic right to be considered for inclusion in an England Team for another event or discipline unless the additional qualifying standards have also been achieved.
  5. Access to ESSU Academy Coaching sessions and supervision by the Academy Coaches, if desired.  Range fees may be payable!



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