We are the Governing Body responsible for selecting teams to represent England in the disciplines of small-bore rifle, air rifle, air pistol and 50m pistol shooting, primarily for the Commonweath Games but also for annual Home Countries International competitions.   We have over 360 members, many of whom are active shooters who have represented England or who aspire to do so, but including many members who do not participate in competitive shooting but nevertheless wish to support England shooting, in particular with the development of Juniors and our Academies.

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ESSU Championships 2018

Hannah Pugsley, Ruth Mwandumba, Emily Bale
ESSU Champions: Air Rifle Women
Olivia Hill, Emily Bale, Phoebe Taylor
ESSU Champions: Air Rifle Women Junior
Fabio Holder, Dean Bale, Matthew Man
ESSU Champions: Air Rifle Men
Jacob Hill, Matthew Man, Tom Warren
ESSU Champions: Air Rifle Men Junior
Lina Jones, Matthew Man, Dean Bale
ESSU Champions: 50m Rifle Prone Mixed. Lina - Women's Champion, Matthew - Men's Champion
Freya Giles, Matthew Man, Tom Warren
ESSU Champions: 50m Rifle Prone Junior
Matthew Man, Freya Giles, Tom Warren
ESSU Champions: 50m Rifle Prone Junior
Fabio Holder, Dean Bale, Cameron Pirouet
Winners: 50m Rifle Open
Freya Giles, Matthew Man, Cameron Pirouet
Winners: 50m Rifle Prone Open Junior
Kim Tzabach, Emily Bale, Sharon Lee
ESSU Champions: 3P Rifle Women
Matthew Man, Sam Harris, Jacob Hill
ESSU Champions: 3P Rifle Men
Jacob Hill, Matthew Man, Tom Warren
ESSU Champions: 3P Rifle Men Junior
Lizzi Gould,Emily Bale, Phoebe Taylor
ESSU Champions: 3P Rifle Women Junior
Sam Harris, Cameron Pirouet, Matthew Man
Winners: 3P Rifle Open
Matthew Man, Cameron Pirouet, Jacob Hill
Winners: 3P Rifle Open Junior
Ella Fletcher
Winner: Sporter Rifle Mixed
Sammy Darling, Victoria Mullin, Vicki Tripney
ESSU Champions: 10m Air Pistol Women
Emily, Victoria, Margaret, Sammy
Air Pistol Women, with Coach Margaret
Richard Tector, Adrian Syms, Tom Whyte-Venables
ESSU Champions: 10m Air Pistol Men
Emily Gleaves, Sammy Darling, Emily Pascoe
ESSU Champions: 10m Air Pistol Women Junior
Max Stevens, Tom Whyte-Venables, James Miller
ESSU Champions: 10m Air Pistol Men Junior
Max Stevens, Margaret Thomas, Tom Whye-Venables, James Miller
Air Pistol Men Junior with Coach Margaret
Emily Shawyer, Sammy Darling, Emily Gleaves
Winners: 10m Air Pistol Women Open Junior
Adrian Syms, Christian Callaghan, Perron Phipps
ESSU Champions: 50m Pistol
Sammy Darling, Rebecca Carnell, Shelley Moss
ESSU Champions: 25m Pistol Women (s5
Emily Pascoe
ESSU Champion: Air Sport Pistol Junior Women
Joseph Baker, Max Stevens, Emily Pascoe
Winners: Air Sport Pistol Junior Open
Megan Joyce, Emily Pascoe
Winners: Air Sport Pistol Junior Open

Photographs - courtesy of Gaynor Warren

Our primary function is to select teams to represent England in National and International Small-bore and Air-gun competitions.  We are a Member Body of the English Target Shooting Federation (ETSF), who coordinate and recommend teams to represent England at the Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF) and Commonwealth Shooting Federation European Division (CSFED) Championships.  The other ETSF Member Bodies are the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA), the English Pistol Association (EPA) and the English 20 Club, (Full-bore Target Rifle shooting).  We are part of the structure whereby English athletes can feed into the British Shooting Academy, for selection to shoot for Great Britain in ISSF World Cups, Continental Championships and, ultimately, the Olympic Games.

The ESSU is basically a national shooting club*, for which Members can volunteer for selection as team members in regular shooting competitions in the UK between the Combined Services, Army and Police.  Members can also submit an Expression of Interest, (Eoi), via links on this website if they wish to represent the ESSU in competitions outside of the UK, such as InterShoot (Holland); RIAC (Luxemburg); ISCH (Germany), Dortmund (Germany) and others.  Dependent on the number of Eoi's submitted, a Team Manager may be appointed to coordinate and accompany the travelling Group. Where any competition or championships includes an event against National teams, members cannot represent England unless they are a member of our Team England National Squad, (TENS), or selected by the Team Manager appointed for that competition.  Selection is dependent on having achieved a Minimum Consideration Score, (MCS), in that event during the preceding year.  Exceptions to this are the annual NSRA matches against other Home Countries that take place during National meetings at Bisley and in Scotland where team selection will be made by appointed Team Managers, based on performance during the early part of the Championship week.

In common with the Rules of the other Home Country Governing Bodies, anyone who wishes to compete as a member of an England team must be a current Member of the ESSU.

We run separate Academies for the Rifle and Pistol disciplines, each under the supervision of respective Head Coaches and their Assistant Coaches, where week-end training sessions are conducted for members to train and develop their skills with the objective of representing England at international level.  Click here for additional information.

We organise annual Championships for Rifle, Pistol and Air-gun that usually take place at Bisley during the May Bank Holiday weekend.  This meeting is open to all comers, but includes concurrent competitions to decide the English Champion in each event.  The English Championships are confined to ESSU Members.

We hope that this will give you an idea of what the ESSU is all about and that you would wish to join us.

You can make an on-line membership application or download a printable form from the MEMBERSHIP menu.

We hope that you will find this site useful.  If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us.

*We are NOT a 'Home Office Approved Club' in respect of firearms aquisition and use, and therefore cannot support any application to Police for a s.1 firearms certificate.  All shooting Members must therefore be a member of a HO approved club through which such applications must be made.



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