ESSU Team Results - Rifle and Airgun events - Wales 

Team Managers Report - Craig Dower

A total of 37 representatives travelled down to Cardiff and Tondu to compete in this year’s Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships. The event covered all disciplines and gave the added ability to field development shooters into the championships to assist in the on-going identification of future athletes. The rifle and pistol competitors fired events spread across four days with the air disciplines being held in the Sport Wales National Centre and the 50m disciplines all competing in Tondu. Both venues were extremely well prepared for the competition and at all times first class. It was decided at the planning stage to place a teams manager into each location which proved successful as both venues had a high turnover of participants.

The breakdown of scores achieved within the overall championships can be found on the WTSF website:


 The awards were presented at the Cardiff City stadium on Sat 24 Sep. Our medal recipients were as follows:

 50m Rifle Prone Mens Pairs               David Binney                          GOLD
                                                             Ken Bowley    

 50m Rifle Prone Mens Pairs               Mark Szymankewicz              SILVER
                                                             Dean Bale                                                               

 50m Rifle Prone Womens Pairs          Lina Jones                             GOLD
                                                             Sharon Lee                

 50m Rifle Prone Womens Pairs          Zoe Bruce                              SILVER
                                                             Katie Gleeson

50m Rifle Prone Womens Indiv.          Lina Jones                              SILVER

50m Pistol Individual                           Kristian Callaghan                   GOLD

50m Pistol Ind (Development)             Matthew Reed                        1st Place

50m Pistol Pairs                                  Kristian Callaghan                   GOLD
                                                            Win Man

50m Prone Rifle (Development)          Zara Roberts                          1st Place

50m Prone Rifle Individual                  David Binney                           SILVER
                                                            Ken Bowley                             BRONZE

50m Rifle 3 Positions (Dev)                Richard Chasemore                1st Place

 50m Rifle 3 Positions Pairs                Dean Bale                               GOLD
                                                            Jack Bale

 50m Rifle 3 Positions Ind                   Dean Bale                               GOLD
                                                            Jack Bale                                SILVER

 50m Rifle 3 P Women Pairs               Katie Gleeson                         1st Place
                                                            Zoe Bruce

 50m Rifle 3 P Women Ind                  Katie Gleeson                         GOLD

 10m Air Rifle Women Pairs                Katie Gleeson                         GOLD
                                                           Sharon Lee

 10m Air Rifle Women Badge              Jemma Toms                          1st Place

 10m Air Pistol Men Badge                 Waldek Mickiewicz                  2nd Place

 10m Air Pistol Women Badge            Imogen Moss                          1st Place

 10m Air Rifle Men Pairs                     Dean Bale                               GOLD
                                                            Jack Bale

 10m Air Rifle Ind Badge                     Jacob Hill                                1st Place

 10m Air Rifle Men (Development)      Jacob Hill                                1st Place

 10m Air Rifle Men Ind                        Dean Bale                               SILVER
                                                           Jack Bale                                 BRONZE

 10m Air Rifle Women Ind                   Jemma Toms                          GOLD
                                                            Katie Gleeson                         SILVER
                                                            Sharon Lee                             BRONZE

 10m Air Pistol Women (Dev)              Imogen Moss                          2nd Place

 10m Air Pistol Men (Dev)                   Kenneth Darling                      1st Place

 10m Air Pistol Men Ind                       Adrian Syms                          SILVER
                                                            Kristian Callaghan                 BRONZE

The team certainly performed extremely well over the three competition days with many achieving personal best scores as well as exceeding them! Our final thanks must be recorded to the volunteers and organisers that make events such as these happen. All in attendance thoroughly enjoyed their time in Wales and look forward to the next CSF event……..wherever that may be!


Commonwealth Shooting Federation (ED) 2016 Wales – 25m Pistol events fired in conjunction with the Jersey Open

Team Managers Report - Paul Taylor

25m pistol events for the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) 2016 Wales were shot at the Jersey Pistol Club (JPC) between September 2nd – 4th, 2016.

Our kind hosts, the JPC and members, facilitated Team Wales to staff and run the CSF(ED) events shot concurrently with the Jersey Open Pistol competition.

The Jersey 25m pistol range is well appointed with four banks of five targets which enabled all events to be shot in a single relay. Ranges were staffed by experienced and qualified ISSF Jury members led by Barbara Barber, CRO, and Stephen Pengelly, Jury.  All competitions ran well and on schedule with no protests or scores challenged.

The Team England pistol coaches for the Jersey leg of this CSF(ED) were Margaret Thomas and Paul Taylor.

CSF(ED) medals for pair’s events are only awarded when sufficient teams enter. For 25m pistol 2016 events, the only event with sufficient entries to support the pairs’ medal was Centre Fire Pistol.
Centre Fire Pistol

The first competition was Centre Fire Pistol. Whilst no longer a Commonwealth Games event, men’s Centre Fire pistol was included in this CSF(ED).  The course of fire is similar to the 25m Pistol Olympic event shot by ladies (formally known as Sport Pistol) but without a finals’ stage and with a centre fire pistol rather than a .22LR pistol.

The England Centre Fire Pistol athletes were selected by the English Pistol Association. JPC members generously loaned pistols for this event as centre fire is outside the scope of the British Shooting section 5 programme which specifically focuses upon the Olympic and Commonwealth Games .22LR pistol events.

With minimal opportunity to familiarise themselves with their borrowed pistols, the three England men worked hard and posted respectable scores.

Individual Results
  1st Kristian Callaghan 568
  2nd Ian Jack 532 (PB)
  4th Andy McGee 520

Pairs Result
  1st England (Kristian Callaghan & Andy McGee)
25m Pistol
Conditions remained good when both Steph Courty and Imogen Moss, new recruits to the British Shooting section 5 programme who have recently purchased new .22LR pistols shot as “development athletes”.  Both ladies shot personal best scores equating to a impressive 1st and 3rd place position had they entered the main CSF(ED) competition.  Both ladies are working hard and rapidly approaching the TENS qualification score for the 25m Pistol event.

An honourable mention goes to ESSU Pistol Academy athlete Shelley Moss, the younger sister of Imogen Moss who entered the Jersey Open 25m Pistol competition using a borrowed pistol.  Building on her previous Island Games experience, her only previous match shot with a .22LR. Shelley also shot a personal best in Jersey.

25m Pistol Development Results
  Steph Courty 566 (PB)
  Imogen Moss 556 (PB)
Rapid Fire Pistol
Conditions were again perfect on the Saturday afternoon for Rapid Fire Pistol. Kristian dominated this event from the outset winning with a new range record for this event and one point off his previous PB, set in August 2014.

Individual Results
  1st Kristian Callaghan 575
  2nd Ian Jack 562 (PB)
  4th Andy McGee 529
Standard Pistol
The fine weather had left the island on Saturday evening, with drizzle and varying light conditions throughout Sunday. Standard Pistol concluded this CSF(ED) meeting on a very busy range.  Consistent results from the England Team secured all of the event medals.

Individual Results
  1st Kristian Callaghan 560
  2nd Ian Jack 543 (PB)
  3rd Andy McGee 542
Team Wales ran an excellent competition hosted by Jersey Pistol Club. It offered ideal match development opportunities and for the five England athletes who all competed successfully in their events, with many shooting personal bests.


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