Rule Authority

All Rifle, Pistol and Air-Gun competitions will be shot under current ISSF rules as far as range conditions permit.  Equipment Control will apply but ISSF and GBR EC certificates will be accepted

Statutory liability

All persons attending this Meeting are reminded of their statutory liability in respect of their possession and handling of firearms and ammunition.  Competitors are required to make a declaration on the entry form that they are entitled to use the type and class of firearm for the competition(s) that they enter by virtue of their membership of a Home Office approved Club, or other authority.  Acceptance of an entry is conditional on the declarations being signed by each competitor.  The Organising Committee reserves the right to examine this authorisation and refuse to accept an entry where this cannot be proven.

Eligibility for English Championship Titles

All events are ‘Open’ to all comers.

NOTE: Only individuals who are current Full Members of the ESSU are eligible for the ‘English Championship’ in any event.  Membership must valid for at least TWO WEEKS before the first day of the Championships.


Entries must be made on the official entry form but this may be copied or downloaded from this website. Only one entry is allowed for each competitor for the purposes of the Open meeting or the English Championships.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018

Data on entrants will be held on a personal computer by the ESSU, for the purposes of maintaining its Register of Competitors and the publishing of results.  This data will only comprise a Name, Nationality, contact telephone or e-mail address, and the scores achieved.  The Competition Organiser is the designated representative under the Act.  By entering the Championships and submitting the entry form you are giving consent for the ESSU to keep and use information about you for this purpose.  The entry-forms containing your details will be scanned and retained in electronic form for a period of 2 years after the Championships and then deleted.  Results will be maintained by electronic means indefinitely for the purposes of future reference and maintaining historical records, and as such will be displayed on the ESSU website. The website display will be confined to a table of results showing a Name, Nationality and scores achieved for each competition entered.

Squadding Notices, Firing-Points and Score Printouts

All events will be squadded.  All Competitors will be sent a notice by e-mail which will state their Name, Competitor Number, Date, Time and Range for all competitions entered and either a receipt for entry-fees or a note of the fees outstanding.  Firing points will be allocated by the Championship Organiser and displayed on the notice-board at the rear of each range.  The Chief Range Officer has the authority to re-allocate firing-points as necessary.

It will be the responsibility of each competitor to arrive at their designated firing-point at the correct time otherwise the event may only be fired at the discretion of the Championship Committee provided that there is a spare firing point available and a valid reason why the allotted time was not adhered to.

After each shoot each competitor should sign their printouts or score-cards and return them to the Range Officer or RTS (Results, Timing and Scores) Jury.

Note: The time shown on the squadding notice is the ‘Start time’ when the first match shot may be fired.  Athletes will be “called to the line” 30 minutes before that time. A 15-minute ‘preparation and sighting time’ precedes the start time.

Elimination and Qualification Rounds

In the 50m Prone Rifle event, elimination relays will be held to decide which shooters will progress to the Qualification Round.  The number of shooters from each elimination relay will be calculated in accordance with the number of starters*, and will be prominently displayed on the notice-board. 

*ISSF rules define that a shooter has ‘started’ once the first sighting-shot has been fired.

Junior Competitions

Juniors are defined by ISSF Rules as being under the age of 21 on 31st December in the year of the competition.  Junior Competitions are concurrent with the Championship events and may not be entered or competed separately.  No additional entry fees are payable.  The winners will be the highest placed individual in the Finals of the event.  In events with no Finals, or if there are no Juniors in the Finals then the highest score in the Qualification round(s) will count.  Trophies may only be won by ESSU members, but Certificates will be awarded to the top three Juniors in each event irrespective of Membership.

Electronic targets

Electronic Scoring Targets (EST) will be under the central control.  Athletes should check that their name is correctly displayed on their monitor screens before the start of Preparation and Sighting time.

Allocation of Prizes and Medals

English Championships - (Only current members of the ESSU are eligible)

The Title of ‘English Champion’, the trophy and a special Gold medal will be awarded to eligible competitors in each Championship event.  Medals will be awarded subject to the following:

1 to 9 Competitors                                                               “Gold” medal only.

10 to 15 Competitors                                                            “Gold” and “Silver” medals.

16 or more Competitors                                                         “Gold” “Silver” and “Bronze” medals.

Open Championships

Commemorative certificates will be presented to the top three competitors in each event.  If the highest scoring athlete is not an ESSU member, a commemorative plaque will be awarded.  Plaques will not be awarded to ESSU members who win Championship medals and trophies.

Posting of Results, Challenges and Protests

In events which run throughout the Championships, scores will be posted at regular intervals on the Championships notice board.  These will be regularly updated, ranked, and marked “INTERIM RESULT” until such time as all scores have been processed.  These result sheets will then be posted showing “FINAL RESULT”.

For events which take place in a single relay, scorecards or printer strips must be returned to the Championship Statistics office immediately after the conclusion of the competition.  Result sheets will be posted as soon as practicable after the scores have been collated.  All such result sheets will show the time of publication, and show “FINAL RESULT”.   After the Meeting has closed, all results will be available for downloading from the ESSU Website –

Challenges:  In all competitions where scores are recorded on the range, competitors must check the scores and additions carefully before signing them.  Only challenges concerning incorrect addition may be made to Championship Stats. Office, as challenges concerning the scoring value of a shot cannot be resolved subsequently.  Scores recorded on electronic targets may not be challenged except immediately after the shot is fired, in accordance with ISSF rules.  No challenges will be accepted after TEN MINUTES of the publication of the competition Final Results unless a genuine mistake in recording of the scores can be shown.

Verbal protests: These may be made and decided on the ranges immediately by the Range Officer or Chief Range Officer.  If the protest is resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned then no further action is necessary, no protest fee is payable, and a brief report of the circumstances may be made by the RO to the Organising Committee if considered justified.

Written protests:  If a Shooter or Team Official does not agree with the decisions of a Range Officer or Championship Officials in matters concerning breaches or interpretation of the competition rules or on any other matter that is likely to have an effect on the results of any event, then a written protest must be submitted on a form obtainable at Championship Reception.  This written protest must be received by the Championship Organising Committee no later than TEN MINUTES after the matter in question, and a fee of £5.00 is payable.  An athlete or team official has the right to submit a written protest without making a verbal protest.   A Jury comprising three members of the ESSU Championship Committee will consider all written appeals, which will be decided by a majority vote.  The decision, giving reasons, will be notified in writing.

If there is disagreement with the Jury decision, the matter may be appealed to a Jury of Appeal.  Such appeals must be submitted in writing by the Shooter or his/her representative no later than ONE HOUR after the Jury decision has been announced, and a further fee of £10.00 is payable. The Jury of Appeal will comprise three members of the Championship Committee, or other persons holding ISSF or National judging qualifications, who were not on the original Jury.  Decisions of the Jury of Appeal will be notified in writing, and may not be further appealed.  If the protest or subsequent appeal is upheld, all fees will be returned.

English Championship competitions and trophies

50m Rifle Men                                             The Eley Trophy

3x40 Rifle Men                                            The Caffarata Trophy

Air Rifle Men                                               The Walther Trophy

Air Pistol Men                                             The Calvert Plate

Rapid-Fire Pistol (.22)                                  The Rapid-Fire Trophy

50m Rifle Women                                         The Iris Trophy

3 x 20 Rifle Women                                      The Women’s 3-Position Goblet

Air Rifle Women                                           The Women’s Air Rifle Goblet

Air Pistol Women                                         The Women’s Air Pistol Goblet

Air Sport Pistol Men                                     The Hunter Trophy

Air Sport Pistol Women                                 The Ted Newton-Brazier Trophy

50m Pistol                                                  The Caffarata Memorial Plate

25m Pistol Women (.22)                                The Margaret Thomas Trophy

Junior Men Air Rifle                                      The Ted Daw Trophy No.1

Junior Women Air Rifle                                  The Ted Daw Trophy No.2

Junior Men Air Pistol                                    The Trudy Henry Trophy No.1

Junior Women Air Pistol                                The Trudy Henry Trophy No.2

Junior Men Air Sport Pistol                            The Gill Goodfellow Plate

Junior Women Air Sport Pistol                        The George Darling Plate

Open Meeting Trophy

50m Rifle                                                   The Booker Trophy                                                                 

All trophies will be held by the winner for one year only and must be returned as notified on the ESSU website in good time for the Championships of the following year.  Alternatively, trophies may be professionally engraved at the winners’ own expense and returned to the Championships.  The Awards Officer or Championship Organiser must be informed of your intentions in this respect.


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