Please note that we have changed our traditional Team England tracksuits and polo shirts and introduced a new modern design.  These 'podium' tracksuits will retain our bespoke 'English Rose' logo but may only be purchased by members or officials who have represented England in international competitions, such as the Home Countries matches, since the Glasgow Games 2014.  The previous tracksuit (with the England flag on the back) is no longer available).

Apart from the England tracksuits, we have a range of England merchandise including Jackets, (as modelled by lina), Polo shirts in black and white, (as modelled by Steph) and sweatshirts, (as modelled by Emily).   We also have Beanie hats.  These all display our 'Lions Head' logo, and may be purchased by all ESSU Members.  Highly recommended for all ESSU members attending any competition in or outside of the UK, as it portrays an excellent image.


                                                          Windproof jacket (with hood)

                         ESSU sweatshirt 548x640

                              Polo shirt (black or white)                   Sweatshirt (black only)

           All of the above items have the 'England Shooting' wording, the flag and the 'Lions Head' logo

                                       Lina Katie

                                             'Podium' Tracksuits (special order)

These tracksuits display our bespoke 'Rose' logo with the words "ENGLAND Shooting Team" on top and left leg.
                                           Tops cannot currently be ordered separately.

Merchandise Order form:        MS Word  .pdf

Podium tracksuit Order form:  MS Word   .pdf



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